Alain J. Laurendeau – French painter gets electricuted and visits the afterlife

On September 19th, 2005, Alain J. Laurendeau house painter, husband and father of three children is at work. It is 5:35 pm, there remains approximately 5 small seconds before it occurs, this extraordinary event.

The painter uses a perch and a roller to apply the painting to the roof of a building, during these seconds He thinks of his daughter Jessyca who is in the grammar school.The aluminum perch of 4 metres,makes contact with the line of power distribution electric current from the street to the house. The painter is electrocuted by 14,400 volts. The poor man sees his body on fire(alight), but not with the eyes of his body, the eyes from above. Alain for the first time experiences imminent death, seeing himself going away from his body. then he seesn immense circle of light which opens in front of him. In some seconds, Alain meets himself outside time… to experiment beyond. A simple worker who is victim of an extremely mortal accident, Reveals to us the realm beyond the natural time. The painter experiences the existence of a life after the life. This accident will make him become aware, that the spirituality is a reality. This is the story of a life upset by an event extraodinaire.

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