Alon Anava (From Atheist to Yeshiva)

JEWISH/Atheist:(1hr 30 min) worth watching… A very detailed Jewish near death encounter with the afterlife.This testimony will stun most people as what happens in the afterlife as it is totally not what the general public and especially Christians would expect. He says he saw the TRUTH.
Alon Anava האם מותר להקשיב לרופא או פסיכולוג שמתיר לגבר לשפוך זרע לבטלה?:
Before his near-death experience, Alon Anava, a Jewish man who grew up in Ra’anana, Israel, describes himself as rough, rude, mean, and not a nice person, someone who had no time for silly religion. After his near-death experience, Alon says he was transformed into someone who was nice, calm, courteous, and soft spoken. Whereas before he was a highly trained martial artist, now he attends Yeshiva studying every day, exploring the depths of Torah, refining and elevating himself on a daily basis. Alon also claims to have returned with the ability to connect to God in a way that allows him to connect with others and help them overcome their questions and concerns. During his free time, he shares his near-death experience and what he learned from it. Alon is also a photographer and web designer.“Whatever you do in this world, echoes in eternity.”“When you leave this world, you’re not taking nothing with you — nothing but you’re good deeds. You’re not taking money; you’re not taking nothing. You can only take your good deeds and the Torah that you studied. That’s it.”

“When you are standing in front of those judges, everything is just weight. Sometimes a small deed is worth so much. Some small deed that you do in this world can change completely how you are being judged. There are so many little things that you can just do. Just give a smile to another person, be nicer to your wife, be nicer to your kids, be nicer to another person. Be honest…”

Alon Anava says he saw the TRUTH but as a student of NDE testimonies we have come to the conclusion that Heaven has many truths. Each peoples group has a truth that they will experience in the afterlife including Atheists and Non-religious people.Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists all have their own truths that they experience because God is big enough to have more than one truth.Alon says he was plugged into something like an internet and received all knowledge, yes all that was applicable to that segment of the “internet”. Someone who logs into the internet in China will experience something different to a person in India or the USA. Each will experience “ALL” knowledge but each on his own plain. So just take this experience as what Jewish people experience in the afterlife and that is all it means. Watch other NDE testimonies on this website to get a balanced view of what is going on in Gods world.

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