Are NDE accounts real or a result of some neurological experience.

Each of these videos represents some ones personal experience with death. They all had the misfortune or good favor to pass into the afterlife for a short period of Earthly time and come back to tell us about what they saw. These accounts are as real to them as what we see reality here on Earth every day. In fact many say it was MORE real that this Earthly life. On the other hand, many skeptics say its a figment of their imagination, or some neurons flashing good endorphins at the time of death. So then, What about the ones who have a Hellish encounter? What kind of pleasure neurons are they?

 Others say it is just a “Pleasure sensory explosion” at the time of death-then why do they only meet up with family and friends who are dead. If it were really a “pleasure sensory” explosion then why are  current family and friends not in the NDE experience, why no favorite living  dog or cat? Why do they never encounter living favorite pop star or living sports personality?

No, you will never hear about any living person appearing in the afterlife NDE accounts, only deceased family or personalities. So what is this? Can we explain these afterlife accounts? Watch all the NDE sections offered in the menu, including Buddhist, Muslim and Hindu to get a good understanding of how this all works. The best accounts seem to be the Atheists because they could certainly not be working with an agenda. Their only life agenda was to prove that God does not exist, yet they come back from the afterlife with a completely new perspective. Watch all the sections and then……………….. ……You decide!

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