Brian Miller – Truck Driver meets in-laws in Heaven

Christian: Brian Miller a truck driver,has described his near death experience where he was ordered back to earth from heaven by his dead mother-in-law after suffering a massive heart attack. Delivery driver Brian Miller, from Ohio, U.S. suffered a massive cardiac arrest while at work but seemed to be recovering in hospital when his heart suddenly stopped beating for 45 minutes.

Doctors at University Hospitals Ahuja Medical Center desperately tried to revive the 41-year-old, shocking him four times while he lay on the brink of death.Now Brian Miller has recalled how he saw a white light, and said he was walking towards heaven along a path covered in flowers before being told by his recently deceased mother-in-law that he had to return to his body.Mr Miller said his mother-in-law Kay appeared alongside his father-in-law Jack, who is also dead, and waved to him telling him he still had ‘things to go and do’.

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