Peter Anthony – Agnostic meets God

Atheist: Peter Anthony was raised a Catholic but became an agnostic who believed you die and then nothing, until the day he went to the afterlife and met God. Very interesting testimony coming from a person who did not believe in God. 1,141 total views, 1 views today

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Chantal Quacchia – Atheist hugs her baby daughter in Heaven.

Atheist: (7 min) When Chantal Quacchia was in her 30’s she was involved in a motorcycle accident which took her to the after life. She met a few previously deceased people who were dear to her and most importantly her baby daughter who she thought was just rotting in her grave. To her surprise she […]

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Tricia Barker – Atheist goes to Heaven

Atheist:(12 min) Tricia Barker died on the operating table after a bad car accident.She believed that after death there was no life and also did not believe in a God or Heaven.What a surprise she had when she passed over into the afterlife. Wow- there is life after death! In the afterlife she met angels, […]

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trisha 2

Tricia Barker : Agnostic communicates with Angels

Agnostic:(10 min) Trish left her body during surgery and had an experience with Angels who explained to her many things. Very interesting if you want to know how angels minister to humans. 562 total views, no views today

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Jill Fields – Agnostic Back from Hell

Hellish/Atheist: Jill was a heavy drug user and a self confessed Atheist. She overdosed one day and found herself in Hell. After being saved from hell by medical intervention she now is a true believer in God. 2,497 total views, no views today

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howard storm

Howard Storm – Goes into detail

Atheist: This is some detail as told by Howard Storm. You must watch the other video on this site , by Howard storm to get his entire broader testimony. Howard Storm was a hardened atheist when he died in Paris France while on a lecture tour.He first went to hell and was saved by Jesus […]

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Nancy Rynes -Atheist goes to Heaven

Atheist:(13 min) Nancy Rynes was a successful science writer and a woman of the Earth. Firmly grounded in physical things and never giving the spirit world a thought. In fact she calls herself Atheist/Agnostic just before her fatal accident with a truck one day while riding her bicycle.She died for 17 minutes and went to […]

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Ian McCormack (Totally amazing Testimony)

ATHEIST: Ian McCormack, 1HR 22 MIN amazing story totally worth it.Ian was night diving off the island of Mauritius when he was stung by 5 Box Jellyfish, which are among the most venomous creatures in the world. Then I knew there was a release; the battle to stay alive seemed to be over. No one […]

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Rene Jorgensen- Atheist goes to the afterlife

Atheist: Rene Jorgensen is a Danish Canadian who was a Atheist when he died and went to the afterlife. His experience changed him so fundamentally that he becomes an NDE researcher and has written 3 books on the afterlife. Remarkable for someone who never believed in God at all.This video is subtitled in many languages […]

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Jang Jaswal – Atheist gets answers in afterlife

Atheist/Hindu: Jang Jaswal was all through his life an Atheist. One year ago he had a heart surgery and went to the afterlife. He found himself in a valley with some people there facing a big bright light. He had some questions in his mind and received telepathic answers. He was called a Dog. He […]

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