Jan Bostik

Jan Bostik ( Czech Republic Atheist 1988)

ATHEIST:(6min) Jan Bostik died in 1988 when the Czech Republic was Czechoslovakia under Communist rule and no one at home or at school spoke or thought about the things of God. He was in essence an Atheist but the kind that has zero knowledge about God,Buddah,Jesus or Heaven.You could call him an innocent Atheist, a […]

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rich kelley

Rich Kelley ( Drowned and went back to home.)

Atheist: Rich Kelley at 15 years old drowned out at sea under huge waves. He did not believe in God, it was just not part of his life. Then when he died he started to discover what is on the other side. He says that life on Earth is just a stage play. We come […]

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Howard Storm (One of the most complete testimonies)

ATHEIST:( 23 min) Howard Storm opened his eyes and found himself standing outside of his body, looking down at the hospital bed, with his wife crying at his bedside. He said that he felt no pain and that his senses were suddenly very acute. He tried to talk to his wife, but she ignored him […]

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Saartjie Geurts (Athiest dies and goes to Hell)

Athiest/Hellish: Saartjie Geurts is from the Netherlands, She is so pretty. Who would think such a pretty girl belongs in Hell. Saartjie believed that she was a good person but she did not believe in Heaven or Hell. Sound familiar? There are so many who say they are good people and do no harm to […]

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Dr Eben Alexander (Renowned Neurosurgeon)

ATHEIST: Dr Eben Alexander has one very notable experience on “the other side” He was met by a beautiful blue eyed girl he never recognized.She showed him around Heaven. Only when he got back to this Earth was he shown a picture of his birth sister who had died years before. That was the same […]

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Alon Anava (From Atheist to Yeshiva)

JEWISH/Atheist:(1hr 30 min) worth watching… A very detailed Jewish near death encounter with the afterlife.This testimony will stun most people as what happens in the afterlife as it is totally not what the general public and especially Christians would expect. He says he saw the TRUTH. Alon Anava האם מותר להקשיב לרופא או פסיכולוג שמתיר […]

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israel army guy

Nir Berr- Israeli, Died while in the Army

Jewish/ATHEIST: This Israeli guy Nir Berr died in a jeep motor accident in Israel when he was still in the Army. He saw his girlfriend crying and his parents crying on Earth.He spoke to God who greeted him with “Shema Israel” שְׁמַע יִשְׂרָ which means “Hear O Israel” He was asked about his life up […]

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Gavril Barnut (Romanian with English Subtitles)

Ateist: Gavril Barnut tells his convincing testimony- WARNING- This video is 1 Hr 27 min in Romanian Language with English subtitles. Gavril was in the morgue for 13 hours after the Devil came to take him right in front of his wife and brother. Very real and very genuine testimony about hell and Gods mercy. […]

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Bryan Melvin (Saw Hitler in Hell)

HELLISH/ATHEIST: Brian Melvin atheist died from Mexican Contaminated water. He went to hell and received explanation of life and knew that he was in for damnation. He describes the judge and knew it was Jesus Christ who told him that he will see what is best not seen.He sees Adolf Hitler and a evil ships […]

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Tomas Sawyer (Atheist finds unconditional love)

ATHEIST:Tom Sawyer: Thomas Sawyer’s near-death experience is a very interesting study in the process of reincarnation. It is a process he learned during his near-death experience. In 1978, he was an avowed agnostic until his pickup truck fell on him and crushed his chest flat. He was clinically dead for 15 minutes, yet he came […]

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