Liu Xiao Di – Chinese Buddhist Near death experience 現今念佛感應精彩見聞錄

Buddhist:(15 min) Liu Xiao Di dies from a brain tumor and in the afterlife meets up with Avalokitesvara (“The Lord who looks down” Sanscrit अवलोकितेश्वर ) This is a very moving testimony from a lady voluntary Buddhist temple worker. In time she was found to have an aggressive brain tumor. The doctors in the hospital […]

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Sharon Stone – Movie actress sees afterlife

Buddhist:(2 min) Sharon Stone is a famous American movie actress. After apparently not having much religion to speak of, Stone had a brief foray into the Church of Scientology, after which she became a Buddhist. She makes it clear, however, that she still believes in God, but she clarifies, not the Buddha as God. Sharon […]

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Aawut Aran-Thai Buddhist Near death experience

Buddhist: (4 min) Aawut was brought up in a affluent Thai family. He never believed in anything that he could not see and touch. During his travels he got covered by an avalanche of snow and mud. He died and went to the afterlife- ever wonder about the after life experiences of Buddhists? Watch and […]

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Lee from China (Sees Buddha) 濒死体验 看到佛

Buddhist: Lee from China had never before heard of an NDE as they do not talk about such things in Mainland China. Also it is never featured on their TV. His English is very weak so we had to write down his testimony and have him repeat it a few times before we were able […]

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TIE LEO (Atheist from China) 濒死体验 從中國無神論

BUDDHIST:Tie Leo is from China where the majority of people are either non religious or Buddhists.Tie Leo was basically an Atheist 從中國無神論 never taking any notice of religious things.He gave no regard to the Buddhist Monks but after his NDE he became a novice monk himself. 鐵獅子座是從中國那裡的大多數人要么非宗教或佛教徒。鐵獅子座基本上是無神論從中國無神論根本不把宗教的東西的任何通知。他沒有考慮到的佛教僧侶,但他的瀕死體驗後,他成為了一個沙彌自己。  2,264 total views

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KORAT FARMER 呵叻附近農民的死亡經驗

BUDDHIST:This KORAT FARMER died in the rice field where he was working. He went for judgement before Lord Yama. He managed to take a sneak peek into the book of life and saw the name of someone he knew from his village but the date of his death was a future date! 這KORAT農夫在稻田在那裡他工作死了。他主閻王面前去判斷。他設法拍先睹為快到生命冊上,看到他的人從他的村莊知道,但他的死亡日期是未來日期的名字!  1,910 total views

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Go Taeng Saeyep 附近去登縣Saeyep的死亡經驗

BUDDHIST: Go Taeng Saeyep was a waiter at a coffee shop in Thailand. He died on the job and was laid in a coffin. This account is very detailed as he was taken on a tour of hell and heaven.This account tells us why Buddhists show respect to Cattle. 前往登縣Saeyep是一個服務員在泰國的咖啡館。他死在工作,奠定了在一個棺材裡。此帳戶是因為他被帶到地獄和天堂之旅非常詳細。此帳戶告訴我們,為什麼佛教徒表示尊重牛。  1,870 total views

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Buddhist Lady professor 從泰國隊女教授的瀕死體驗

BUDDHIST: This lady from Thailand prefers not to give her name. She was bitten by a Cobra snake.She went to the afterlife as a Buddhist. 這位女士從泰國寧願不透露她的名字。她咬了眼鏡蛇蛇。她去了來世的佛教。  1,937 total views

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Maj Gen Sanor Jintaraht 附近少將Sanor Jintaraht的死亡經驗

BUDDHIST:Maj Gen Sanor Jintaraht died twice -initially he had a bad past and he was thrown into hell when he died. He was saved by an angel and sent back to Earth. The second time he died he had now repented and had lived a better life. The second visit to the afterlife was a […]

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Athet Pyan Shinthaw Paulu 附近Athet雄精靈Shinthaw Paulu的死亡經驗

BUDDHIST (14 min)I was born in 1958 in the town of Bogale, on the Irrawaddy Delta area of southern Myanmar [formerly Burma]. My parents, who were devout Buddhists like most people in Myanmar, named me Thitpin [which means ‘tree’ in English]. Our lives were very simple where I grew up. At the age of 13 […]

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