Herr Dieter B.- Explains what the afterlife is like

Christian: (9min.42)Her Dieter is from Germany. He had sleep apea which cause long periods of no breathing while he was sleeping and one night he stopped breathing long enough to pass over into the afterlife. he has some very interesting observations about life and death.  1,493 total views

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Melinda Lyons – Saw her pet parakeet in Heaven

Christian: Melinda K Lyons lives in Anchorage Alaska. At the age of 18 she ate a hot dog that caused her to die and she visited the after life. She met with God, with an Angel, with Jesus and Mary Magdalene and also her deceased pet parakeet, Sweetie. This video deals only with her encounters […]

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Bo Katzman – Super insights from the afterlife.

Christian: (26min)Bo Katzman is a well known musician from Switzerland Watch Bo https://youtu.be/ZUD42z_gpjI. At the age of 20 he had a horriffic motorcycle accident and died. What he experienced in the afterlife left him with a huge change in his life and gave him some super understanding of how things really work. The video is […]

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Fatuma Shubisa- Ethiopean lady dead for 12 hours

Fatuma Shubisa – Christian (5min)Fatuma Shubisa lives in the little village of Alelu in rural Ethiopia.She was raised as a Muslim but converted to Christianity before she fell ill and died. Many of her friends and relatives were Muslim and were witness that she was actually dead. Her Muslim neighbors and relatives grieved the loss […]

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NATHAN WHEELER -What Heaven was like 2014

CHRISTIAN:(Sorry Nathan, I know you say you are NOT a Christian.)(21min)Nathan Wheeler is a Los Angeles actor who has explored all the religions of the world by immersing himself in them and tried his best to avoid Christianity due to his rebellion against conventional Christians. He has a heart condition which at one time caused […]

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Joseph Kellner – Meets the Virgin Mary

Christian/Catholic:(13 min) Joseph Kellner had a heart attack in 2011 and while on the operating table went to heaven and met with old friends and people who he had helped in his life.Mother Mary escorted him around Heaven and showed him Hell and told him to go tell the world what he had seen.Today Joseph […]

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Annabel Beam – Sat in Jesus Lap

Christian – (4 min) A little girl Annabel Beam,from Cleburne,Texas claims she went to heaven after she fell from a tree and was cured of chronic sickness when she returned, according to a book released this week. Four years after the incident, Miracles From Heaven: A Little Girl, Her Journey to Heaven, and Her Amazing […]

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Suzanne Ingram – says she chose her life before being born

Suzanne Ingram- Suzanne was born and raised a Catholic but did not follow that religion, she calles herself a non-denominational spiritual person. She died in a car accident and went to the afterlife. There she did a life review and discussed things with “The source” There her guides showed her how she had chosen her […]

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Lance Trudell- Bank Robber goes to Heaven

Christian: (12 min) Lance Trudell was a drug dealer and drug abuser, he robbed a bank to get money for drugs and he says he abused every bad drug known to man. He tells the story of his life and points out that he was saved as a young boy and believed in Jesus Christ […]

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Bob Leo – Catholic NDE

Christian: Bob was young man and a committed Catholic when his car accident had him go to the other side of life. He pleaded for a second chance and a voice told him he had a mission to help people and serve and was sent back into his body. He stopped being religious and left […]

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