Peter (Gay NDE)

Gay: Peter was a gay teenage dancer. He had a motor cycle accident and died.He expected a reception committee in heaven but there was no one there to meet him. He met a glowing man there. He felt love like he never experienced on earth.The fact that he was gay on Earth seemed totally irrelevant […]

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Jonathan Hunter (Actor/ Model)

Gay: Jonathan Hunter, I was born in Philadelphia, one of two boys. During my teen years, I experienced a great deal of struggle over homosexual feelings even though I was dating girls at the time. When I was a freshman in college, I had my first homosexual encounter. Later, as a drama major in New […]

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Martin (17 years old )

GAY: Martin from Elco, Nevada. Around the time that I turned 17 was when I fully accepted my sexuality and came out of the closet. It was still as secret to my Mom and Dad. They had no idea about it nor did the rest of my family.From there everything just started to get more […]

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Taylor Anstrom

GAY: TAYLOR ANSTROM says I heard my dad. I hadn’t heard his voice in years, in life. We did not get on while he was alive because he was not cool with the transgender thing. He has always called me baby girl so he called out baby girl. Well that made me stop cause I […]

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