Joe Hadwin – Born again Christian goes to Hell

Hellish: Joe Hadwin was born again at 14 years old and attended a Baptist Church that believed in “once saved always saved” But as he grew older he strayed from God and went his evil ways. When he died of a heart attack he went straight to Hell. He tells of a heart wrenching story […]

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Charles McKaig – Mailman goes to Hell

Hellish: Charles McKaig was dying on the operating table. He saw the portals of hell and told the Doctor to save him as he did not want to go to Hell. The Doctor wisely led him through the sinners prayer accepting Jesus Christ right there in the middle of a heart attack. Guess what happened […]

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Jill Fields – Agnostic Back from Hell

Hellish/Atheist: Jill was a heavy drug user and a self confessed Atheist. She overdosed one day and found herself in Hell. After being saved from hell by medical intervention she now is a true believer in God. 2,187 total views, 2 views today

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Ryan Grassmeyer : From Drugs to Hell

Hellish:(7:32min) Ryan Grassmeyer overdosed on drugs and found himself in an instant in Hell. He was told he died for 4 min but it felt like much longer. His description of Hell is scary. 2,304 total views, no views today

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Jake Cox – Drug overdose led to Hell

Hellish: Joseph Cox known as Jake was living the carefree life, drugs, sex and Rock ‘n Roll was all he cared for even though he was a sort of Christian. When he od’ed on fake drugs he saw the Devil come for his soul…. Hear from Jake what happened and how he was saved from […]

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Daniel Shelley -Baptized Christian went to Hell.

Hell: Daniel Shelley was a nominal Christian, Baptized but living a life of sin which he considered to be normal.He died in hospital of a burst appendix and found himself it total darkness. He knew he was in a massive pitch black void and ice cold to the bone. 547 total views, no views today

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jenny chislett

Jenny Chislett – Sees heaven from hell

Hellish: Jenny Chislett was not religious. She believed there was a God and that was the extent of her spiritual involvement. At the age of 18 she was crushed by a truck and died. She found herself in a desolate place and after walking a while came to a deep chasm. On the other side […]

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Dr. Rajiv Parti – His life review revealed his past lives.

HINDU/Hellish:(29 min) Dr. Rajiv Parti He grew up in a middle-class family in India. In 10th grade, he fell in with bad company and took to smoking, drinking and skipping school. One day, he got caught. “My father was a very strict man,” he says. “He used to believe, spare the rod, spoil the child. […]

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Fernando – Sees his Dad in Hell

Hellish: Fernando died and went to Hell where he saw his father. He discovered for the first time that there is life after death and that it could be in hell or not. 1,254 total views, 1 views today

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Tyrone Williams – Admits he deserved Hell

Hellish: Tyrone was in a car wreck on Hwy I-5 near Sacramento, CA. His car flipped 17 times and he was flung out of the car into a pond of water. The guy (I believe was an Angel) had pointed toward the water. He wasn’t moving or budging. He only said, “He’s in there.” Aruba […]

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