Tyrone Williams – Admits he deserved Hell

Hellish: Tyrone was in a car wreck on Hwy I-5 near Sacramento, CA. His car flipped 17 times and he was flung out of the car into a pond of water. The guy (I believe was an Angel) had pointed toward the water. He wasn’t moving or budging. He only said, “He’s in there.” Aruba […]

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John Ramirez – Satan Worshiper goes to afterlife

(18 MIN) John Ramirez was a strong Santaria worshipper- This NDE is somewhat different in that John Ramirez never actually shot himself but he was at the point of taking his own life. Something stopped him and he went into a deep sleep where he passed into the afterlife and went to hell.This is a […]

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Jordan a Non-Religous guy goes to Hell.

Hellish: Jordan from Edmonton Canada did not believe in hell and stopped believing in his Catholic Jesus at one time in his life. He became a pot smoker which killed him for a brief time. He ended up in hell for a brief time before being rescued by God.He spent some time in Heaven and […]

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Peniel Ngonde – Raped in hell by Demons

Hellish: Peniel Ngonde tells in French with English subtitles her testimony of going to hell for sexual sins. She describes Hell as having 7 levels of which she was deposited on the 4th level, the level of sexual sins. She was raped by a demon as was many others there but after a time was […]

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Rita Gross – Committed suicide and went to Hell

Hellish/ Suicide: Rita Gross was sickly and in pain most of her life. At one point she decided to end it all. Where do people go who commit suicide, this is not clear as some suicide nde’s go to heaven and some to hell. The end destination may have nothing to do with suicide but […]

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George Vruta (Romania NDE ) Died and went to Hell

Hellish: George Vruta also known as Gigi Vruta was a nasty human being where his wife and children feared him and disrespected his drinking and womanizing. He is a citizen of Romania and this event happened some 15 years ago when Communism was still a factor in Romania. George did not have time for God […]

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Tamara Laroux -Saved from Hell by a hand 的瀕臨死亡

Suicide/Hellish:(11 min) with Chinese subtitles 的瀕臨死亡 Tamara Laroux ended her life with a 38mm gun. She landed in hell but was saved by a hand that reached down and pulled her out. I stepped into the shower while continuing my distressed plea. I knelt down on my knees and placed the gun to my head. […]

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Jeff Mark (Saved from Hell by a Doctors prayer)

Hellish: Jeff Mark died from a massive heart attack and went to Hell, he was in total darkness and knew he was there for eternety. A voice told the doctor to pray for him even though he was totally dead. Watch the video to hear an amazing story of Gods mercy and love.  1,284 total views

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Howard Storm (One of the most complete testimonies)

ATHEIST:( 23 min) Howard Storm opened his eyes and found himself standing outside of his body, looking down at the hospital bed, with his wife crying at his bedside. He said that he felt no pain and that his senses were suddenly very acute. He tried to talk to his wife, but she ignored him […]

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Saartjie Geurts (Athiest dies and goes to Hell)

Athiest/Hellish: Saartjie Geurts is from the Netherlands, She is so pretty. Who would think such a pretty girl belongs in Hell. Saartjie believed that she was a good person but she did not believe in Heaven or Hell. Sound familiar? There are so many who say they are good people and do no harm to […]

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