Dr. Rajiv Parti – His life review revealed his past lives.

HINDU/Hellish:(29 min) Dr. Rajiv Parti He grew up in a middle-class family in India. In 10th grade, he fell in with bad company and took to smoking, drinking and skipping school. One day, he got caught. “My father was a very strict man,” he says. “He used to believe, spare the rod, spoil the child. […]

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Dushyant Savadia

HINDU:(12 min) Dushyant Savadia This medical Doctor is of the Hindu faith. His story is quite astounding. His recovery from his death is just as astounding.He says “The Art of Living” way will change your life for the better.  3,546 total views

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Jang Jaswal – Atheist gets answers in afterlife

Atheist/Hindu: Jang Jaswal was all through his life an Atheist. One year ago he had a heart surgery and went to the afterlife. He found himself in a valley with some people there facing a big bright light. He had some questions in his mind and received telepathic answers. He was called a Dog. He […]

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HINDU: Gowramma is a girl from South India who dies for no apparent reason. She says she got “tired” and just fell down and that is when she had a NDE. She tells of her brief encounter with Lord Yamraj who checks her credentials in his book of life and death.  2,550 total views

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Chajju Bania

HINDU:Chajju Bania died and went to Lord Yamraj and the judgement but was found that he was incorrectly brought to the afterlife. Someone else with the same name was destined to die.  1,751 total views

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Durga Yadav

HINDU: Durga Yadav went to the afterlife and met up with Yamraj the Lord of the dead.This is a typical Hindu NDE experience. Unlike other religions, the Hindu faith believes that all the dead are met and sorted by the Lord of the Dead named Yamma or YamRaj.  2,248 total views

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Hindu: Javanamma is an Indian man who died and went to the other side. This is a classic Hindu NDE where the person gets to the keeper of the dead, Lord Yama or also known as Yamaraj (same thing in Hindi) The lord of the dead always receives the dead and seems to judge them […]

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Anita Moorjani (Died from Lymphoma)

ANITA MOORJANI: The Hong Kong oncologist said he would do whatever he could, but prepared my husband that I would most likely not make it, as my organs were no longer functioning. They started me on a chemotherapy drip as well as oxygen. Then they started to take tests to determine what drugs to use. […]

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HINDU: Vasudev Pandey. The Hindu near-death experiences profiled here in this re-inactment is typical of the cases studied in India by researchers Satwant Pasricha and Ian Stevenson. The subject does not view his or her physical body, as do many subjects of western near-death experience cases. Instead the subject is taken in hand by “messengers” […]

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Prem Chand (2010)

HINDU Prem Chand : Hindu NDE ‘s are pretty hard to find, It seems that not many have been documented. This one is pretty graphic and the person is telling it from his hospital bed soon after it happened. Very interesting.The audio is in Hindi but there are English subtitles available.  1,586 total views

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