Dr Rene Turner – (Jewish)Returns with important message from the Gatekeeper

Jewish: Dr Rene Turner is a well known medical person in New Zealand and Australia. She tells of her time in the afterlife where she met her deceased Grandfather and others she recognized. She had a life review and was met by the “Gatekeeper” no names no introduction. She was given an important message and […]

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Sharon Nachshoni – Judged in afterlife

Jewish:(14 min) His name is Sharon Nachshoni from Israel. He tells of an awful car accident in which he sustained such trauma that no one could be expected to live after that. He found himself in that all to familiar tunnel moving towards the light and in the afterlife and had a life review. In […]

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Tienke Klein (Nazi prison camp surviver)

Jewish: Tienke Klein was born and raised in the Netherlands in a Jewish Family. She survived the atrocities of war but harbored many ills in her life. The day she died she went to the other side for a brief while and came back with more than she bargained for.  3,698 total views

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Alon Anava (From Atheist to Yeshiva)

JEWISH/Atheist:(1hr 30 min) worth watching… A very detailed Jewish near death encounter with the afterlife.This testimony will stun most people as what happens in the afterlife as it is totally not what the general public and especially Christians would expect. He says he saw the TRUTH. Alon Anava האם מותר להקשיב לרופא או פסיכולוג שמתיר […]

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Nir Berr- Israeli, Died while in the Army

Jewish/ATHEIST: This Israeli guy Nir Berr died in a jeep motor accident in Israel when he was still in the Army. He saw his girlfriend crying and his parents crying on Earth.He spoke to God who greeted him with “Shema Israel” שְׁמַע יִשְׂרָ which means “Hear O Israel” He was asked about his life up […]

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Moshe Levy (Jewish NDE)

JEWISH:(10 min) Moshe Levy died in Paris, France. His experience in the afterlife was very real to him and changed his life forever. What do Jewish people experience on the other side? Watch and learn from this re-inactment of a written testimony given by Moshe Levy himself. Very interesting and proves that God has a […]

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Yosef Michel

JEWISH: Yosef Michel was the son of a elder in the Chassidic church in Ukraine when he died and went to the afterlife. He was met by family and by a long past original founder of Jewish Hassidism Bal Shem Tov. This person had a great position in heaven and came to the aid of […]

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Rachel Noam

JEWISH: Rachel Noam wrote the book “A view from above” This book is the amazing true story of a young Israeli woman who experienced an out of body, near death experienced an (NDE) and then returned to life. In this very rare but medically documented phenomenon, the soul leaves the body and can actually “see” […]

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NIR ABUJAM – the seal of Truth

JEWISH: (68 min) This Near Death Experience has great detail concerning the Heavenly Court. This is perhaps one of the most vivid and explicit accounts of what the soul may go through when departing this world. A must see. Nir Abujam grew up in a secular home in South Tel Aviv. As a young man […]

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Barbara Harris Whitfield

Jewish/ATHEIST:Barbara Whitfield, My work with dying people probably would have never come about if I hadn’t died myself. I know that sounds strange. How many of us die and get to come back and talk about it? Not many. In 1984, a Gallup poll reported that one in every nineteen Americans has had an NDE. […]

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