Dr Amjad Jaffri – Muslim medical doctor goes to the afterlife.

Muslim: This is a re-inactment video of a testimony given by Dr Jaffri to a Urdu language magazine in Pakistan. He tells of a being of light who gave him instructions on life. Pray 5 times a day- NO, Read the quaran – NO, so what did the “being of light” have to say. Watch […]

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Australian Muslim Lady brings instructions from the afterlife.

Muslim: This lady lives in Australia, speaks French and is a devout Muslim.She died during childbirth and gives us a vivid testimony of what she experienced on the other side, who she spoke to, and brings back instructions for the Muslim people on Earth.  1,559 total views

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Maria from Morocco – Sees a loving garden in the afterlife.

Muslim: Maria died at childbirth and ascended through the tunnel to a wonderful living garden that she describes in detail.  1,169 total views,  1 views today

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Zeinab Wahby – Muslim NDE

Muslim:(7 min) Mrs Zeinab Wahby died while in child birth and went on a journey to the afterlife. She describes what happened to her in great detail and it is very easy to follow what she experienced on the other side.  1,569 total views

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Yashar-Turkish Muslim meets Jesus in afterlife.

Muslim: Yashar from Turkey died after having an auto accident. He saw his body from above and ascended to heaven where he saw the lighted one. Even after his return to life the lighted one came to him to teach him about things he never heard about.  1,853 total views

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Mufti Shamsuddoha

Indian Muslim: Mufti Shamsuddoha was an agnostic or maybe even an athiest. Though he was born in a Hindu country he was not a Hindu at the time of his NDE. Later on he became a Sifi which is a branch of the Islam faith.This may be why this is not a classic Hindu NDE […]

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Ahmad bin Saleem Ali (Shown around Heaven)

Muslim: Ahmed bin Saleem Ali works and lives in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He has to cover his face for fear of losing his job if he is recognized on video telling about the afterlife and what he experienced. In this case we again see that people who are bodily damaged are given Drink […]

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Waleed Reza (Sat with 17 Prophets of Allah)

Muslim: (2 min) Waleed Reza is a devout Muslim living in Pakistan. He said prayers 5 times a day as is required by the Muslim faith. Then one day he died and went to the afterlife. What is in the afterlife of a Muslim… Watch this video and get to know about it. Eating and […]

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Nazim Bin Abdullah (Had to hide face)

Muslim: Nazim Bin Abdullah lives and works in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He has to hide his face for fear of retribution and losing his job. He has a NDE to tell about.As a devout Muslim he entered the afterlife as a dear person to Allah, God most High. He was met by an […]

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Ahmed Ali – (Angel shows him the tree of life)

Muslim: Ahmed Ali had a bad motorcycle accident on the way to his College.He sustained head injuries and was transported to the afterlife where a big angel showed him the tree of life and gave him some good advice.  2,153 total views

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