Robert Osgood – Died and met with Jesus

Radio interview: 56min Robert Osgood was clinically dead. He went through the tunnel to the light and met Jesus. He was allowed to ask questions which Jesus answered. Very interesting. What would you ask Jesus if you met with Him? Robert Osgood has written to us clarifying his experience: “I did NOT die during my […]

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Yvonne Sneeden- Tells about her time in Heaven with Jesus

Radio:(Radio interview by Lee Whitting) Yvonne Sneeden says on her profile page: “My NDE occurred in June 2008. My body was shutting down due to extreme emotional distress and my desire to just stop living. I was suddenly transported in a place I call heaven. Jesus was coming towards me in an energy/light/translucent form. As […]

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Vicki Noratuk (Radio interview of blind person)

Radio: Vicki Noratuk was blind since birth. When she died in a car accident she suddenly could see for the first time. Vicki, a forty-five year old blind woman, was just one of the more than thirty persons that Dr. Kenneth Ring and Sharon Cooper interviewed at length during a two-year study just completed concerning […]

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Betty J Eadie (Radio discussion)

NDE Radio:Betty J Eadie brought back a message of Love from God.The ripple effect is what is expected for all humanity. Art Bell interviews Betty. Betty Eadie leaves her body through her chest and floats above her bed. Three hooded monk-like beings appear whom she identifies to be her guardian angels. They tell her that […]

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Dr. Cha~zay and Keitan

NDE RADIO: Dr. Cha~zay and Keitan discuss things about their near death experiences, Very interesting Radio audio 55 min  2,284 total views

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Assholes testimony

RADIO: A written account reading on NDE radio- 19 min. He died from a sleep apnea event.This person was what we would call an “asshole” in life. His brief experience on the other side is a very interesting testimony, very detailed. He was dead but he cussed and protested. “I am dead, no Fucking way!” […]

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Nancy Evans Bush

NDE Radio: Nancy Evans Bush is an 80 year old lady with some wise advice. She had a NDE and tells a interesting story and has some wise comments.It was not a radiant experience; it was an utterly terrifying experience of the void. I had never heard of anything like it. I didn’t know anybody […]

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