SENORA TERESA (Amazing Testimony)

SPANISH:( 10 min) Senora Teresa tells of her NDE account in Spanish with English Subtitles. This lady is a committed Christian and tells what she saw in Heaven and of her meeting with Jesus Christ. Esta platica me hizo reflexionar, y comparto su visualizacion a la vida…estamos de paso, la vida es una escuela donde […]

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Pastor Abel Moises Garcia (Goes to Hell and back)

Spanish/Hellish: Pastor Abel Moises Garcia died for 5 hours and spent that time in Hell. He does not say why he landed up in hell – maybe he is too embarrassed to say. He tells of the horrific time he had there and what he saw and how he was rescued from hell by God. […]

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Alberto Ortiz ( Catholic man goes to hell and back)

Spanish: (11 min) Alberto Ortiz grew up in a devout Catholic Church in Dominican Republic. He went with wrong friends and joined a gang. The he contracted cancer and went to hell and back. Hear his amazing story.  3,456 total views

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Gloria Polo ( Catholic NDE Bogotá, Colombia)

Christian: Gloria Polo died after being terribly burned by a lightning bolt on May 5, 1995 in Bogotá, Colombia; she was judged, and then came back to life. This is her testimony. There are many people, like Gloria Polo, that are under the illusion to be OK according to their own conscience formed by their […]

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Javier Venegas (Bogota, Colombia)

Spanish: Javier Venegas was a playboy with many girlfriends. His wife witnessed as one of his girlfriends stabbed him to death. Doctors at Kennedy Hospital, Bogota, tried to save him but it was too late. He was dead – or was he? Javier spent time in heaven and described the place including Horses and Donkeys. […]

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Carmen Diaz ( Miraculous healing from Cancer)

Spanish: Carmen Diaz lived in Argentina 30 years ago and developed a very serious case of cancer. She had very little hope of survival and actually died on the operating table. She went to the afterlife and received healing from light beings. Today 30 years later she is cancer free.  1,381 total views

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Maria del Pilar Torres (Spanish with English subtitles)

Christian: Maria del Pilar Torres is a deeply religious lady with one child and expecting a second. During childbirth she died. She tells of her experience in the afterlife- very interesting. What is even more amazing is the miracles that happened for her and her baby.  1,849 total views

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