Nadia McCaffrey – overdosed due to previous NDE

(39 min) Nadia Mc Caffrey was born in France. At 7 years old, in 1952, while gathering flowers in a field she got bitten by a venomous snake. She was in a Catholic school. She met a female light being who called herself “Little mother of the sky” which she understood was the Virgin Mary. […]

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Susan Noeske – Suicide is cheating

Non-religiuos: Susan Noeske tells of the time she died and went to the other side. She met a man named Abe who was her guide. The knowledge she brought back proved very interesting, she was told that suicide as a means to avert Earthly experience is considered cheating. Not in a Hell way the Catholics […]

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Elvira Truttmann – Suicide speaks to God in Heaven

Suicide: Where does you soul go if you take your own life? The common belief as made popular by the Catholic faith is that you go straight to Hell. Well, that is just not true. Many NDE testimonies show that where you go is not determined by how you die but by how you live……. […]

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Kelly Walsh – 7 layers of Heaven suicide

Suicide: Most people believe that if you commit suicide you go straight to Hell. Kelly Walsh from the UK found herself in a totally different place after dying from taking pills.She tells of her travels through the 7 layers of Heaven and received overwhelming love.  3,687 total views

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FRED SPICA – Died of a drug overdose

Suicide:Fred had ample reason to stay focused and bitter at all the rejection and suffering that life had handed him. He became so filled with hurt that taking his life on an overdose of drugs seemed like the only way out of his misery. It was NOT the answer, and never is. Not for him. […]

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John Ramirez – Satan Worshiper goes to afterlife

(18 MIN) John Ramirez was a strong Santaria worshipper- This NDE is somewhat different in that John Ramirez never actually shot himself but he was at the point of taking his own life. Something stopped him and he went into a deep sleep where he passed into the afterlife and went to hell.This is a […]

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Rita Gross – Committed suicide and went to Hell

Hellish/ Suicide: Rita Gross was sickly and in pain most of her life. At one point she decided to end it all. Where do people go who commit suicide, this is not clear as some suicide nde’s go to heaven and some to hell. The end destination may have nothing to do with suicide but […]

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Tamara Laroux -Saved from Hell by a hand 的瀕臨死亡

Suicide/Hellish:(11 min) with Chinese subtitles 的瀕臨死亡 Tamara Laroux ended her life with a 38mm gun. She landed in hell but was saved by a hand that reached down and pulled her out. I stepped into the shower while continuing my distressed plea. I knelt down on my knees and placed the gun to my head. […]

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Ria Mutter ( From Holland -Post Natal Depression)

Suicide: Ria Mutter died at a time when it was not fashionable to speak about after life experiences, “Bijna Dood Ervaring” as they say in Holland.She had everything, three lovely children and a loving husband , a house and everything anyone could want but she has depression that she could not control.She had Postnatal depression.She […]

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VIERA ZAHADY (Czech Republic suicide)

Scuicide: VIERA ZAHADY lives in the Czech Republic formally Checoslovakia.She took an overdose of pills to end her depression and ended up in a hellish place that haunts her till this day.  1,829 total views

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