Dr. Rajiv Parti – His life review revealed his past lives.

HINDU/Hellish:(29 min) Dr. Rajiv Parti He grew up in a middle-class family in India. In 10th grade, he fell in with bad company and took to smoking, drinking and skipping school. One day, he got caught. “My father was a very strict man,” he says. “He used to believe, spare the rod, spoil the child. If the nail is bent, you have to hammer it to straighten it. If the son is bent, you must hammer.”

Raj became a doctor and was resident in USA as a first generation immigrant.Dr Pari had very materialistic life and when he died he had a life review that revealed that he had previous lives. He was saved from hell by his already passed away father and was taken to the heavenly realm where he was shown Bramah (God).

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