Dr Rene Turner – (Jewish)Returns with important message from the Gatekeeper

Jewish: Dr Rene Turner is a well known medical person in New Zealand and Australia. She tells of her time in the afterlife where she met her deceased Grandfather and others she recognized. She had a life review and was met by the “Gatekeeper” no names no introduction.
She was given an important message and told to go back. Dr Rene Turner relates the message in full and in total clarity.

As a result of her accident and NDE, Dr Turner founded the Head Injury Society of New Zealand to help others with severe head injuries. Her NDE is featured in Kevin Williams’ book, Nothing Better Than Death.

In February 1982, in Newcastle, Australia, Rene Turner left her optical instrument repair firm to go home. She was driving along the highway and slowed to stop where a road crosses the highway. Here, her Earthly memory ends.

This video is a re-inactment of the written testimony of Dr Rene Turner.

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