Howard Storm (One of the most complete testimonies)

ATHEIST:( 23 min) Howard Storm opened his eyes and found himself standing outside of his body, looking down at the hospital bed, with his wife crying at his bedside. He said that he felt no pain and that his senses were suddenly very acute. He tried to talk to his wife, but she ignored him as she could not see or hear him. Storm’s experience was unpleasant but was about to get far worse. He was then drawn by seemingly friendly voices calling his name outside the hospital room, and he followed them. The creatures, who looked like pale human beings, urged him to walk down the hallway, pushing him and insisting him to walk this way, saying that he has to come with them and that they have been waiting for him. He eventually realized that they were malevolent, as they increasingly became hostile towards him, and turned on him and attacked him savagely in the darkness, physically and psychologically.

His book chronicles an experience that involved him being severely beaten, bitten and torn to pieces by many of these shadowy creatures, and though he managed to survive he experienced severe pain. He says that his overall impression was of a process of “initiation”. Storm later said there were things these creatures did to him that he couldn’t even talk about.

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