Jan Bostik ( Czech Republic Atheist 1988)

ATHEIST:(6min) Jan Bostik died in 1988 when the Czech Republic was Czechoslovakia under Communist rule and no one at home or at school spoke or thought about the things of God. He was in essence an Atheist but the kind that has zero knowledge about God,Buddah,Jesus or Heaven.You could call him an innocent Atheist, a victim of his society.His NDE could not have been made up from images planted in his mind, as many NDE deniers would say. He went into the afterlife knowing nothing about life after death, thinking it was just lights out, but it was not. Jan Bostik was raised in an atheistic society, and he explains that his experience was beyond anything imaginable. Such ideas did not exist in his mind. However, after this event, he believes in life after death.Listen to his amazing account. English subtitles.

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