Jan Price – Our Pets are in Heaven

Non- Religious: Do animals go to Heaven?, many people who have been on the other side have come back to tell that they saw Birds, Horses, (many horses according to Dean Braxton) some have seen donkeys but how many have seen their own pets? In this NDE testimony Jan Price died for 4 minutes and was greeted in the afterlife by her recently deceased pet Maggie. Maggie had died 3 days before Jan Died (1993) and was there to guide her through the afterlife.

Jan Price (died finally in April 2, 2011) and her husband John are the founders of the Quartus Foundation at www.quartus.org, a research and communications organization whose mission is to probe the mysteries of ageless wisdom and integrating their truths with metaphysical spirituality. The foundation is currently headquartered in Boerne, Texas near San Antonio. Ms. Price was a regular columnist in the magazine Whole Health and has written numerous articles for the Quartus Repot and other magazines. She is also a speaker and has produced several meditation audiocassettes. Jan Price was an internationally known teacher-lecturer, and author of The Other Side of Death, a widely acclaimed book about her near-death experience in 1993 and her remarkable journey beyond the veil which included a reunion with her deceased pet dog, Maggie, a black and white Spaniel.This is a photo of Jan price:

jan price

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