Jang Jaswal – Atheist gets answers in afterlife

Atheist/Hindu: Jang Jaswal was all through his life an Atheist. One year ago he had a heart surgery and went to the afterlife. He found himself in a valley with some people there facing a big bright light. He had some questions in his mind and received telepathic answers. He was called a Dog. He heard someone say” The dog has arrived”  Then he was shown the universe and shown how insignificant he is. The light came to him and shone on him.

Our language is limited and unable to express everything. We do not have, at least I do not have enough vocabulary to express some of the things or situations or feelings. For centuries, philosophers have tried express experiences like love, but no word justifies expressing that feeling. You have to experience it to realize what it is. Try explaining the difference in red and blue to a person who is blind by birth? The word INFINITY as we all seem to understand means limitless, or without boundaries. But when I really want to comprehend it, I get lost. First I can not imagine anything infinite, and then I do not have any words to explain it. So with my limited understanding and vocabulary, I will try my best to explain my NDE. On 22nd Nov. 2013 I underwent Heart and Kidney transplant. The surgery lasted for about 12 hours. When I came out of anesthesia next morning, I was very peaceful, calm and happy not due to the fact that I survived a major surgery, but due to what I experienced during my surgery. Before going into further details, I want to talk about my life before. I am a 58 years old man of East Indian origin. I was born in a traditional Hindu family. My parents were very religious and we use to have prayers and hymns everyday at our place. Hindus are strong believers of life after death and reincarnation. When I came up of the age, I had formal education in science (Master’s in Genetics and Biochemistry) which led me to be an independent and analytical thinker. I started questioning all the rituals and believes instilled in me during my childhood. So much so, I started questioning the existence of God. More I tried to logically analyze, stronger my concept about non existence of any God or superpower became. Till my surgery I was a great proponent of God and related believes as being myths, and best described my self as an antagonist and an atheist. My cardiac issues started in 1989 when I was 33 years old. I was diagnosed with Atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease, and underwent Angioplasty, which was relatively recent technique in those days. Ever since, I have been struggling with heart issues and doctors been taking all the possible measures. I had undergone angiogram a dozen times, more than 15 stent implants and a triple bypass surgery. I suffered two Strokes leaving me partially blind. As it was not enough, my kidneys failed in 2008 and was put on home (peritoneal) dialysis and later on haemodialysis. In May 2013, my heart was giving up and a heart machine called LVAD (Left Ventrical Assist Device) was implanted in me to facilitate the blood circulation. At this stage I was literally a bionic man, being supported by machines. I was put on heart and kidney transplant list and within months was on the operating table undergoing double transplant (Nov 22nd, 2013). During all this struggle with my Heath, I had some very close calls. I would like to mention one, when I had very bad reaction to Cipro (antibiotic drug). I had fainted within minutes of taking those antibiotics and was rushed to Emergency in an ambulance.

Though I was unconscious, I could hear EMT technicians informing trauma physician over the radio about my dropping blood pressure and non existent pulse. I was given electric shocks by defibrillator a few times to revive my heart. Though I was unconscious other wise, still I was able to hear EMTs conversation and I do not attribute it to any out of body experience. But the experience I had during my transplant was totally different and very interesting. When I recovered consciousness, next day after the surgery, I was little surprised to find myself on the bed. Sometime during the surgery I felt that I was somewhere else. I realized that I was in some kind of valley with hills all around. There were a few trees, an old big one with two big branches stood out. There was no noise at all and every thing was very quiet. There was shade where I was, like a cloud over head on a sunny day. I could see some source of light over the horizon, thru the clouds. There was a crowd of people facing the light at the far end. I could see only the outline of these people as some light was filtering through them. I was observing all this from the southern end of the valley. I was not scared and neither was I surprised, it seemed like a place I have known before, more like a home. I did not feel my self there physically, but I could feel my presence, my consciousness, there. All the communication was thru the mind, telepathically.

There was somebody communicating with me, somebody probably at higher intellect level than me. Even before my thought, a question, would be completed, the answer or explanation would pop up in my mind. Some body greeted me by sarcastically saying, “So finally you are here, you dog”. (‘Dog’ word is used for people with lower values). Upon my discontentment for being called a dog, I was told, “you bark a lot, but still you are very dear to me, you are my favorite dog”. I immediately realized that I have been raising my views strongly and was very vocal about non- existence of God all the time. Then I felt myself sitting in the lap of somebody, and this somebody stroking my hair. A lot of questions were racing through my mind. One of the things I remember clearly is that I was told that we know the answers to all the question, and all I need to do is to find the answers by listening to my inner self. The other thing I was told, “you think you are the center of universe, and everything revolves around you. Come, open your eyes and have a look”. And I went towards the edge, a gap in the hills surrounding the valley, and saw planet Earth spinning on its axis and moving very fast. It zipped across my eyes. Whole solar system and many stars and galaxies passed by me. I realized how insignificant I was in the bigger picture of the universe.

Soon after I found myself standing alone and slowly the cloud over head started moving away and light rays started falling on me. Light started moving towards where I was ( just like on a overcast day when sun comes out of the clouds). There was a big source of light in (as per my orientation) the north. The most intriguing thing of this experience was the light. It was golden white in color, kind of light radiating from molten metal and these rays were not associated with heat unlike sun rays. It was bright and refreshing cold (More like being under a cold shower on a hot day).

When light rays fell on me something happened to me. My mind stopped wandering, I had no more curiosities, no more questions, and I came to a total rest and peace. It was such a fulfilling experience which I cannot describe in words. It seemed like I have reached home. There was no more turbulence in my mind, no thoughts, good or bad, While being soaked in that light i felt as my existing was melting and I my self was becoming light. Time just stood still and I was enjoying this bliss, I do not know how long I was there, in that state. It was like time stopped, could have been a split second or eternity. Later I was informed that during heart transplant, patients are clinically dead for a short time while their new heart is being put in and started. As I was clinically dead for some time and felt my presence somewhere else, I call it near death. Ever since this experience, my life has changed considerably. I have become more understanding and tolerant of others and their believes. I do not think low of any other person and I am no more a grouchy arrogant man. I love every thing and every body. I give lot of hugs and laugh a lot. Things do not bother me. I am not scared of the unknown or dying.

I know now that nature takes it’s own course, and questioning it would only cause misery. My family is happy and there is solace in the house. My mind do not wander around. II am in state of bliss and kind eternal happiness. In short, I understand myself lot better. I do not claim to have seen God or attained any supernatural powers, but I have learned a lot. I may not have all the answers and explanations and their are some experiences which are better left open ended rather than trying to dissect and make a sense of these. I am at peace with myself and enjoying every moment of my new life. I am having a remarkable recovery without any complications or side effects and some of my physicians and family members are really amazed. I do not take any credit for that as I am well aware that it is not me. May love and peace prevail. An insignificant part of this universe

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