Sharon Nachshoni – Judged in afterlife

Jewish:(14 min) His name is Sharon Nachshoni from Israel. He tells of an awful car accident in which he sustained such trauma that no one could be expected to live after that. He found himself in that all to familiar tunnel moving towards the light and in the afterlife and had a life review. In this Jewish NDE there was someone announcing his good deeds and another announcing his bad deeds. He tells us all about it. This video is a compilation of his hospital bed testimony and subsequent testimony at Shul (Jewish Church).

“Chesed” (חסד, also Romanized khesed, ẖesed) is a Hebrew word commonly translated as “loving-kindness,” “kindness” or “love.” Chesed is central to Jewish ethics and Jewish theology and is a common term in the Bible for describing God’s love for humankind and God’s special relationship with the Children of Israel.[1]

Chesed is valued by religious Jews of all denominations. It is considered a virtue on its own, and also for its contribution to tikkun olam (repairing the world). It’s also the foundation of many religious commandments practiced by traditional Jews, especially interpersonal commandments. Chesed is the basis for a wide variety of Jewish communal institutions.

Chesed is also one of the ten sephirot on the kabbalistic Tree of Life. It is given the association of kindness and love, and is the first of the emotive attributes of the sephirot.

Does Sharon Nachshoni have plans for the future, perhaps to return to the field of military intelligence in which he so excelled? “My last plan was a 12:30 meeting about the security in Hebron, which I never made it to. I look at the iron rods coming out of my body, my face that has been pieced back together … How can I make plans? For me, Hashem is the only Planner that counts.”

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