Jonathan Hunter (Actor/ Model)

Gay: Jonathan Hunter, I was born in Philadelphia, one of two boys. During my teen years, I experienced a great deal of struggle over homosexual feelings even though I was dating girls at the time. When I was a freshman in college, I had my first homosexual encounter. Later, as a drama major in New York City, I tried it again with women but could not escape the homosexual feelings.

I had taken a half gram of PCP, which to anyone who knows that drug, is a lethal dose. I actually died and had one of those “near-death” experiences. I saw a white light – a living white light, who I assume was Jesus or an angel, and He said, “Look at your life”. In a flash, an instant, I re-lived my entire life. And the things that stood out were the hurtful things that I had done. Then He said, “What did you get from this?” Of course, it was a devastating experience. The answer was “I got Nothing”.

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