Lorna Byrne (Speaks to Angels)

Christian: (6 min) Lorna Byrne is small, neat and fragrant. Her hair has been carefully straightened, her make-up is immaculate and her voice is so quiet that I almost have to sit on top of her to hear what she’s saying.

But it’s worth it, because her chat is really rather startling.

After all, there can’t be many people who have met the late American civil rights leader Martin Luther King (during a vision in which he was in a previous incarnation — ‘he was bigger and stronger and taller, and he wasn’t black’).

Also, she has seen the Virgin Mary (‘absolutely beautiful, with a crown of jewels’).

What’s more, Lorna has already been to heaven — albeit briefly — when a hospital operation went a bit wrong (‘it’s so beautiful, like a big library and so full of love you don’t want to come back’).

But right now, she’s telling me about ‘Angel Michael’ — one of her team of regular guiding angels — who, eight years ago, persuaded her to start writing the series of books about angels and love that have now been published in more than 50 countries and 20 languages.

Lorna claims that she was in her kitchen when ‘Michael’ appeared. ‘He said: “I have a message for you. You have to write a book about angels and God and love. It will go all over the world and be a bestseller”.’

It was quite a surprise because Lorna was not the bookish sort.

She says her reaction was simply to laugh. ‘I just replied: “How on earth can God imagine me doing this? I can’t even read or write. I’m dyslexic and I have no education. I have a speech impediment. My parents considered me retarded. Why me?”.’

Unfazed, Michael the angel continued: ‘Why not you?’ And she says he told her that ‘help would be sent’.

Using a voice-activated computer, Lorna duly set to work. ‘I had no idea what to write, but I was guided by the angels.

They’d say a couple of words to prompt me and then it’d just flow. And then they’d tell me when I’d done enough. It seemed to work.’

Indeed. The first book, Angels In My Hair (about growing up with angels), took four years from conception to publication. Two more followed in quick succession.

Her fourth book, Love From Heaven (topping the best-seller lists now), is all about love which, according to Lorna, is not so much an emotion as a physical force rather resembling something out of an air-freshener commercial.

‘Love comes from the soul, it’s so beautiful, it’s like a mist, crystal clear, colourless, but so incredible.

‘It sparkles like a piece of ice with the sun shining on it, but for most of us, it is locked away by what looks like a transparent iron band across our chests.’

Lorna’s books are fantastically simplistic, but they have developed a massive cult following. She is mobbed at signings.

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