Maj Gen Sanor Jintaraht 附近少將Sanor Jintaraht的死亡經驗

BUDDHIST:Maj Gen Sanor Jintaraht died twice -initially he had a bad past and he was thrown into hell when he died. He was saved by an angel and sent back to Earth. The second time he
died he had now repented and had lived a better life. The second visit to the afterlife was a different experience, this time going to heaven.He saw his heavenly home.
少將Sanor Jintaraht死了兩次,最初他有一個壞的過去,他被丟在地獄裡的時候就死了。他救了一個天使,傳送回地球。第二次,他死了,他現在已經改邪歸正,並過上了更好的生活。在第二次訪問來世是一個不同的經驗,這一次他去了好死後的生命。在那裡,他看到了他天上的家。

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