Martin (17 years old )

GAY: Martin from Elco, Nevada. Around the time that I turned 17 was when I fully accepted my sexuality and came out of the closet. It was still as secret to my Mom and Dad. They had no idea about it nor did the rest of my family.From there everything just started to get more and more difficult. Eventually I just couldn’t handle it and I came out to my Mom. She told me she understood but I could tell on her face that she didn’t and I could see the tears building in her eyes.

Around that time I also met the first person that I actually let into my life. Our relationship lasted for about I would like to say 6 or 7 months and I became very attached. Of course because he was my first everything, like my first love it was very difficult.

Martin took an overdose of pills trying to end all his misery. He remembered going to sleep.
He awoke in a dark place with two people.One of them was his Gradma who had died some time ago. She told him it was not his time yet.

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