Nadia McCaffrey – overdosed due to previous NDE

(39 min) Nadia Mc Caffrey was born in France. At 7 years old, in 1952, while gathering flowers in a field she got bitten by a venomous snake. She was in a Catholic school. She met a female light being who called herself “Little mother of the sky” which she understood was the Virgin Mary.

She received a prediction that she would live and her son Patrick one day would die.
After she returned to her body and recovered she had powers to know truth from lies.
This made her life a misery.

It made her life impossible and at 17 years old she overdosed on pills.She died a second time but this time she did not go to the same light as before. It was NOT Hell but another part of Heaven where she was scolded and told it was not her time and that she could not come home.

This is a very interesting testimony and story of life.

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