Nancy Rynes -Atheist goes to Heaven

Atheist:(13 min) Nancy Rynes was a successful science writer and a woman of the Earth. Firmly grounded in physical things and never giving the spirit world a thought. In fact she calls herself Atheist/Agnostic just before her fatal accident with a truck one day while riding her bicycle.She died for 17 minutes and went to the afterlife. Where would an Atheist go if they died? Find out what happened to Nancy Rynes when she passed over into the other side of life.

In the spring of 2015, Nancy published her inspirational memoir called “Awakenings from the Light”. It details her near-fatal bicycling accident, subsequent recovery, and the insights she gained about life during this time. She says: We’ve each been given an amazing gift of life. The Spirit world would love it if we would be courageous enough to live our gift of life as fully and as lovingly as possible. Is there something that you’ve always wanted to do?

Nancy Rynes is a writer, speaker, and artist living in the greater Denver area of Colorado, USA. Her skills include fine art, book authoring and editing, technical writing and editing, web content. She also speaks to public and business audiences alike, specializing in motivational and inspirational topics.This is her website

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