NIR ABUJAM – the seal of Truth

JEWISH: (68 min) This Near Death Experience has great detail concerning the Heavenly Court. This is perhaps one of the most vivid and explicit accounts of what the soul may go through when departing this world. A must see. Nir Abujam grew up in a secular home in South Tel Aviv. As a young man after the army, he did everything that fun-loving young people like to do. A few years later, he went into convulsions and blacked out, dying a complete clinical death. His soul was taken to the upper worlds and to the Heavenly Court, which he describes in the following 68-minute clip that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Nir’s testimony matches precisely the descriptions of life after death in the Gemara, Midrash, and Zohar. This gripping clip is not for the faint of heart or for those who wish to continue their lifestyles of Disneyland and McDonalds. But, if you watch this clip, it will change your life and help you readjust priorities. This will be an hour well-spent.

The film is in Hebrew with very good English subtitles. At one stage, Nir talks about the power of outreach and giving books and CDs to people. We sincerely thank the Chagvei HaSela organization of Tiberias for preparing this wonderful film, “The Seal of Truth.”

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