Cecil Willy – Meets family and Jesus in Heaven

Christian:(11 min) This is Cecil Willy of Walker, Louisiana near Baton Rouge. He died of a heart operation complication. That is when he saw his Guardian Angel by his side and describes her in detail. Yes he describes her as female. Then he describes Heaven and the people who were there to meet him and […]

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dr rener turner

Dr Rene Turner – Returns with important message from the Gatekeeper

Jewish: Dr Rene Turner is a well known medical person in New Zealand and Australia. She tells of her time in the afterlife where she met her deceased Grandfather and others she recognized. She had a life review and was met by the “Gatekeeper” no names no introduction. She was given an important message and […]

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NATHAN WHEELER -What Heaven was like 2014

CHRISTIAN:(Sorry Nathan, I know you say you are NOT a Christian.)(21min)Nathan Wheeler is a Los Angeles actor who has explored all the religions of the world by immersing himself in them and tried his best to avoid Christianity due to his rebellion against conventional Christians. He has a heart condition which at one time caused […]

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charmien redwood

Charmien Redwood -Non Christian meets Jesus

Non-Christian:(15min) At 20 years of age this lady died in childbirth as a non Christian, not an Athiest, but just a normal person living only for themselves. What happens to such a person who dies, do they go to hell? Watch the account told to us by someone like that who went to the afterlife […]

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Richard Cole – meets God in afterlife

Non Religious:(11 min) RICHARD COLE, He always believed in God and Jesus but was not a committed Christian as he had so many questions and doubts. He had a heart anurism and went in for an operation. He was chilled to freezing point. He saw everything happening to him in the operating room and then […]

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Yvonne Sneeden -Speaks with Jesus Christ – explains “Merging”

Christian:(20 min) Yvonne Sneeden was a high profile executive for Cisco Systems when she died and went to Heaven. She was a Non-denominational Christian who was very involved in the church. She spent a year at Bible School and was a strong believer in God. In 2008 she died and left her body …………And then […]

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Ryan Rampton- Learns why are we on Earth.

Christian:(21 min) Ryan is a professional Photographer and gets shocked to death. He meets up with Jesus and does a life review. He gets some great information about the reason why we are on Earth at all. Ryan comes across as a genuine ordinary everyday man like most of us are. His testimony therefor is […]

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Jan Bostik

Jan Bostik ( Czech Republic Atheist 1988)

ATHEIST:(6min) Jan Bostik died in 1988 when the Czech Republic was Czechoslovakia under Communist rule and no one at home or at school spoke or thought about the things of God. He was in essence an Atheist but the kind that has zero knowledge about God,Buddah,Jesus or Heaven.You could call him an innocent Atheist, a […]

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Lorna Byrne (Speaks to Angels)

Christian: (6 min) Lorna Byrne is small, neat and fragrant. Her hair has been carefully straightened, her make-up is immaculate and her voice is so quiet that I almost have to sit on top of her to hear what she’s saying. But it’s worth it, because her chat is really rather startling. After all, there […]

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Howard Storm (One of the most complete testimonies)

ATHEIST:( 23 min) Howard Storm opened his eyes and found himself standing outside of his body, looking down at the hospital bed, with his wife crying at his bedside. He said that he felt no pain and that his senses were suddenly very acute. He tried to talk to his wife, but she ignored him […]

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