CHRISTIAN/MUSLIM : This well known Pakistani International cricketer was at one time the captain of the Pakistan international team for world Cricket. He was the only Christian on the team. Then he had an auto accident and spent a brief time in the afterlife where he was given instructions to return as a Muslim.

According to some who were unaware of the angels visitation, his decision to convert was in part motivated by an eagerness to blend in with the team and improve his captaincy chances. But that theory was dismissed at the time by the Pakistan board and queried by Woolmer, head coach, who described his players as tolerant towards other faiths – the squad hosted a Christmas dinner for the coach and for this christian team member in Melbourne Australia. “In today’s world there are people who use religion as a means to an end which is wrong and something that doesn’t happen in this team,” Woolmer said.

His parents were totally against his conversion to Islam. Earlier, though, he told the BBC what a “great feeling” he got from conversion. Most in Pakistan would share that sentiment. His mother, presumably, excluded.

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