Paulina from Colombia – Raised Catholic but went to Hell

Hellish/Christian: In Spanish with English subtitles: Paulina was raised a Catholic in Bogota, Colombia. She did all the things she was led to believe as a Catholic, worshiping Mother Mary and the Saints.She went to confession but left out what she did not want to reveal. She never really had any relationship with Jesus-no relationship with Father God.Then she died unexpectedly at the age of 25, flung out of a bus onto solid concrete. She left her body but instead of ascending to Heaven she entered a dark tunnel filled with demons dragging her to Hell.

This testimony is a grave warning to those of us who think we are “good people” and we will make it to Heaven. Listen and learn from what Jesus Christ explained to Paulina while she was in Heaven for a brief time. Paulina was saved by a miracle- watch her testimony and learn.

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