Rich Kelley ( Drowned and went back to home.)

Atheist: Rich Kelley at 15 years old drowned out at sea under huge waves. He did not believe in God, it was just not part of his life. Then when he died he started to discover what is on the other side. He says that life on Earth is just a stage play. We come from God and return to God when we cease to live on Earth. Coming from an agnostic Rich has some profound insights on earthly life and spiritual life. Suddenly he knew how reality is put together in Gods realm.
What is happening here on Earth is not all it seems to be.

He knew he was dead because he was experiencing life as it was before his existence on Earth. Then and unseen arm pulled him from the bottom of the ocean and suddenly he found himself body surfing a wave taking him to the beach where he lay exhausted but alive. Today Rick Kelley believes in a God, the root of all life and the center of all existence.

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