Ricky Bradshaw

Baha’i Faith: Ricky Bradshaw,The torso of his body had been literally cut in half when he was involved in a pedestrian/automobile accident in 1975. He was clinically dead for over an hour before any pulse beat was registered and he went on to endure twenty-four surgeries in two years. His survival is one of the most miraculous in all medical history and he was featured in the television series “That’s Incredible.” Ricky co-founded the International Association for Near Death Studies with Dr. Kenneth Ring and has been written about in several books. While dead, he had both an out-of-body experience and a near death scenario, which was long and complex. He was given a choice during the scenario as to whether or not he wanted to return. When he choose yes to return, the “Being” in charge gave him as a gift the right to view evolution and history from beginning to end. Although he recalls some of what he was shown, most has been forgotten or he refuses to discuss it.

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