Robert Osgood – Died and met with Jesus

Radio interview: 56min Robert Osgood was clinically dead. He went through the tunnel to the light and met Jesus. He was allowed to ask questions which Jesus answered. Very interesting. What would you ask Jesus if you met with Him?

Robert Osgood has written to us clarifying his experience:
“I did NOT die during my open heart surgery…it was kodak perfect…no problems. However – PostOp never got the severe allergy memo from PreOp, and it was that lack of communication on vital medical info that caused all 3 of NDE’s (Code Blue’s)and follow-up Coma.” Robert Osgood.

Robert is a retired Electrical business owner of RKO Electrical and now lives in Eddington….12 miles east of Bangor ME.Robert is working on a book about his experience on the other side and he says” I am not publishing the book for “sales”….although many ‘in the know” tell me they suspect it will be a NYT Bestseller, a Masterpiece, but sales are NOT my goal.Global distribution is, so that many will read it. It is what He wants me to do…”To Contribute to the Many ” (His words-not mine) – I seek NO fame, no recognition, no fortune, no Glory…the Glory is His.

Regarding his spiritual life Roberts says this: “I defined myself as a devoted Christian before Oct 2012 when I had my NDE experience. Since Walking with Jesus several times,and going thru what I went through,I now re-define myself as a VERY Devoted Christian. I will follow Him to wherever He leads. Yes – that sounds like a simple change in stance, but it was truly a “Life Changing” change -literally a transformation in so many, many ways – and I’m still changing, to this day.”

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