Steve Gardipee – Vietnam War soldier Dies on battlefield

Christian:Steve Gardipee was barely a Christian- doing a second tour of duty during the Vietnam war when he was shot up and died. Steve was shot down in a helicopter in the Vietnam war in 1970 on a rescue mission. This is his testimony of what happened after he passed away before we was rescued.

An interesting story from Steve Gardipee –an American solider in Vietnam who died after being wounded and then encountered the Light. Steve says he remembered sins from his past, but knew they were forgiven. He also “literally felt” God’s love and could feel that God was proud of him–like a parent of a newborn baby. In the afterlife, he could go back and forth between his spirit and body, pointing out how confined it felt to be in the body. When Steve realized that God wanted to send him back to Earth, he told God he was not going back, but then felt God’s sternness, which Steve calls “tough love” and soon found himself back in his body, lying wounded in Vietnam. Steve said he would rather kill himself if he had to be returned to his body and God rebuked him saying “What I have given you can never be taken” God gave him life and he had no right to end it.

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