Susan Dayton – Drag racing driver hits a brick wall

When I was in my twenties I was involved in drag racing. We had several cars and this particular night at started raining. I must have hit an object on the road. The car popped up and I knew that I was going to die probably. I was going 130 miles an hour directly into a brick wall. I can see the crowd and they were running.

Susan Dayton: I left my body and I watched the entire thing from above. I was interested in it but I wasn’t really attached to the body that was in the car. I watched the impact from that vantage point I watched the crowd.

Susan Dayton was a having near-death experience these events known as NDE’s are reported by people who were either clinically dead or very close to it. Most claim they retain consciousness during the incident and are able to describe their passage into another realm.

Pam Kircher: Near-death experiences happened equally in women and men children and adults people who expect them and people who don’t and people who are religious and people who aren’t.

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