Susan Noeske – Suicide is cheating

Non-religiuos: Susan Noeske tells of the time she died and went to the other side. She met a man named Abe
who was her guide. The knowledge she brought back proved very interesting, she was told that suicide as a means to avert Earthly experience is considered cheating. Not in a Hell way the Catholics would have you believe but in a consensus way. The life you are leading is the life you chose – You have a mission to complete- no cheating.

Susan Noeske, experienced an NDE at the age of 20 while giving birth to her second child, a son. While she bled out from complications she experienced an NDE and entered a very beautiful and bright white light and was met by a man where together, they embarked on new conversations and experiences. Then upon her return she found she was angry that she was not allowed to stay, just yet, beyond the veil. But since then Susan discovered she was far more sensitive and intuitive, than ever before, to other people’s energy’s. Moreover, Susan now tends to drain watch batteries and other types of batteries!

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