Richard Cole – meets God in afterlife

Non Religious:(11 min) RICHARD COLE, He always believed in God and Jesus but was not a committed Christian as he had so many questions and doubts. He had a heart anurism and went in for an operation. He was chilled to freezing point. He saw everything happening to him in the operating room and then […]

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Yvonne Sneeden -Speaks with Jesus Christ – explains “Merging”

Christian:(20 min) Yvonne Sneeden was a high profile executive for Cisco Systems when she died and went to Heaven. She was a Non-denominational Christian who was very involved in the church. She spent a year at Bible School and was a strong believer in God. In 2008 she died and left her body …………And then […]

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Father STEVEN SCHEIER (Catholic Priest)

CRISTIAN: Father STEVEN SCHEIER was told at that time when he died and went to the other side that his lot was hell. He tells of his life review in front of the Lord Jesus and how he was judged and found wanting and was appointed to go to Hell. At the judgement seat he […]

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