Lee from China (Sees Buddha) 濒死体验 看到佛

Buddhist: Lee from China had never before heard of an NDE as they do not talk about such things in Mainland China. Also it is never featured on their TV. His English is very weak so we had to write down his testimony and have him repeat it a few times before we were able […]

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TIE LEO (Atheist from China) 濒死体验 從中國無神論

BUDDHIST:Tie Leo is from China where the majority of people are either non religious or Buddhists.Tie Leo was basically an Atheist 從中國無神論 never taking any notice of religious things.He gave no regard to the Buddhist Monks but after his NDE he became a novice monk himself. 鐵獅子座是從中國那裡的大多數人要么非宗教或佛教徒。鐵獅子座基本上是無神論從中國無神論根本不把宗教的東西的任何通知。他沒有考慮到的佛教僧侶,但他的瀕死體驗後,他成為了一個沙彌自己。 1,978 total views, no views today

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