Susan Vogt – Talks to God for 3 hours

Christian: Susan Vogt is a rare case of someone who died and went to the afterlife 3 times. The first time at the age of 4 and last time she spent 3 hours at the side of a stream speaking to God. She brings many messages back and forgiveness and love being the most important. […]

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Jessica Haynes – becomes part of the cosmos

Non- religious: Jessica died in an auto crash at the age of 27. She went to the afterlife and had an experience somewhat different to many others but in many other aspects somewhat the same. She experienced the source and the love and the life review in the context of the cosmos and never actually […]

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Fernando – Sees his Dad in Hell

Hellish: Fernando died and went to Hell where he saw his father. He discovered for the first time that there is life after death and that it could be in hell or not.  2,048 total views

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Tyrone Williams – Admits he deserved Hell

Hellish: Tyrone was in a car wreck on Hwy I-5 near Sacramento, CA. His car flipped 17 times and he was flung out of the car into a pond of water. The guy (I believe was an Angel) had pointed toward the water. He wasn’t moving or budging. He only said, “He’s in there.” Aruba […]

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Jordan a Non-Religous guy goes to Hell.

Hellish: Jordan from Edmonton Canada did not believe in hell and stopped believing in his Catholic Jesus at one time in his life. He became a pot smoker which killed him for a brief time. He ended up in hell for a brief time before being rescued by God.He spent some time in Heaven and […]

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Peniel Ngonde – Raped in hell by Demons

Hellish: Peniel Ngonde tells in French with English subtitles her testimony of going to hell for sexual sins. She describes Hell as having 7 levels of which she was deposited on the 4th level, the level of sexual sins. She was raped by a demon as was many others there but after a time was […]

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Rita Gross – Committed suicide and went to Hell

Hellish/ Suicide: Rita Gross was sickly and in pain most of her life. At one point she decided to end it all. Where do people go who commit suicide, this is not clear as some suicide nde’s go to heaven and some to hell. The end destination may have nothing to do with suicide but […]

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NEILL SAYERS – Meets up with deceased Mom.

NEILL SAYERS- Neill died , his wife a Emergency Room nurse, could not find a pulse. She called 911 and at the hospital they managed to revive him. He had something to tell his wife after that about the afterlife. He met up with his mother who had died some time ago but unfortunately his […]

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Nancy Clark – Died and woke up in Morgue

Nancy Clark: Our real “home” that many near-death and near-death-like experiencers report, is a realm where the Light and unconditional love surpasses any imagined ideas of paradise. Those who went “home” temporarily, came back to tell the rest of us some astonishing stories of their journey home. Nancy Clark graduated from Women’s Medical College specializing […]

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George Vruta (Romania NDE ) Died and went to Hell

Hellish: George Vruta also known as Gigi Vruta was a nasty human being where his wife and children feared him and disrespected his drinking and womanizing. He is a citizen of Romania and this event happened some 15 years ago when Communism was still a factor in Romania. George did not have time for God […]

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