Vicki Noratuk -Blind from Birth able to “see” on the other side.

This NDE account is for the skeptics.(29min)Vicki Noratuk was blind since birth and has 100% blindness. She could not even see black. She only operated by touch, sound and smell and taste. She had never seen any light in her life until the day she died…….. This NDE account totally debunks the notion that NDE’s […]

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Jan Price – Our Pets are in Heaven

Non- Religious: Do animals go to Heaven?, many people who have been on the other side have come back to tell that they saw Birds, Horses, (many horses according to Dean Braxton) some have seen donkeys but how many have seen their own pets? In this NDE testimony Jan Price died for 4 minutes and […]

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NATHAN WHEELER -What Heaven was like 2014

CHRISTIAN:(Sorry Nathan, I know you say you are NOT a Christian.)(21min)Nathan Wheeler is a Los Angeles actor who has explored all the religions of the world by immersing himself in them and tried his best to avoid Christianity due to his rebellion against conventional Christians. He has a heart condition which at one time caused […]

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Lance Trudell- Bank Robber goes to Heaven

Christian: (12 min) Lance Trudell was a drug dealer and drug abuser, he robbed a bank to get money for drugs and he says he abused every bad drug known to man. He tells the story of his life and points out that he was saved as a young boy and believed in Jesus Christ […]

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Alain J. Laurendeau – French painter gets electricuted and visits the afterlife

On September 19th, 2005, Alain J. Laurendeau house painter, husband and father of three children is at work. It is 5:35 pm, there remains approximately 5 small seconds before it occurs, this extraordinary event. The painter uses a perch and a roller to apply the painting to the roof of a building, during these seconds […]

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Kathy Baker – Beings of light give 3 prophecies

Kathy Baker:(9 min) Kathy died during childbirth in a botched epidural procedure. She went to Heaven and met her Grandmother who had committed Suicide. She called her Catherine and told her all about her suicide. Then Kathy went through her own life review. She met three light beings who spoke to her. She was given […]

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Richard Cole – meets God in afterlife

Non Religious:(11 min) RICHARD COLE, He always believed in God and Jesus but was not a committed Christian as he had so many questions and doubts. He had a heart anurism and went in for an operation. He was chilled to freezing point. He saw everything happening to him in the operating room and then […]

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Jessica Haynes – becomes part of the cosmos

Non- religious: Jessica died in an auto crash at the age of 27. She went to the afterlife and had an experience somewhat different to many others but in many other aspects somewhat the same. She experienced the source and the love and the life review in the context of the cosmos and never actually […]

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Tyrone Williams – Admits he deserved Hell

Hellish: Tyrone was in a car wreck on Hwy I-5 near Sacramento, CA. His car flipped 17 times and he was flung out of the car into a pond of water. The guy (I believe was an Angel) had pointed toward the water. He wasn’t moving or budging. He only said, “He’s in there.” Aruba […]

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Richard meets God in afterlife

Christian: Richard Cole had a terrible heart anurism at the age of 66. He died on the operating table. He heard a voice saying do not turn around or you will not be able to go back. Richard knew that it was God and spoke to Him asking a question. He asked about Adam and […]

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