Thetus Tenney – did some astral travelling

Christian: Thetus Tenney died on the operating table but before she went to heaven she did some astral traveling to her church some miles away and could clearly tell others what had happened at church that morning. She could even point out the Bible page from which the minister was reading. A very interesting account […]

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Theresa died (Asked to see The Son of God)

CHRISTIAN : Theresa died from an illness.She saw in heaven how angels were trying to save a suicide victim from hell. Then she asked to see the Son Of God, and her wish was granted.She describes Him. Then she had a life review and felt the intensity of her life past.She found that time has […]

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Nanci Danison – Catholic, explains Merging and Religion

Christian: Nanci Danison is someone who worked as an attorney in a large form of Lawyers, who was raised staunch Catholic and who died and went to the afterlife. Nanci received and retained a wealth of information that is in reality known to all of us but is blotted out while we are here on […]

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FRED SPICA – Died of a drug overdose

Suicide:Fred had ample reason to stay focused and bitter at all the rejection and suffering that life had handed him. He became so filled with hurt that taking his life on an overdose of drugs seemed like the only way out of his misery. It was NOT the answer, and never is. Not for him. […]

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Clark, a homeless non- religious person goes to Heaven

Non-religious: Clark is an Irish American who had a heart attack in 2009 and went to the afterlife. On October 23, 2009 Clark had a Near Death Experience after suffering a heart attack. He found himself in a beautiful meadow whose features were infused with a light that became aware of his presence. He met […]

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Peniel Ngonde – Raped in hell by Demons

Hellish: Peniel Ngonde tells in French with English subtitles her testimony of going to hell for sexual sins. She describes Hell as having 7 levels of which she was deposited on the 4th level, the level of sexual sins. She was raped by a demon as was many others there but after a time was […]

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kristal 2

Kristle Merzlock – 7 Year old girl drowns in pool

Christian:Kristle Merzlock drowned in a swimming pool and was dead for some time. Hear her testimony from her side and from the doctors side.In 1982, seven-year-old Kristle Merzlock was at a birthday party in Pocatello, Idaho, when she fell into a pool and nearly drowned. A couple of teenage boys pushed her into a pool […]

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Dr Peg Abernathy – God called her Daughter

Christian: Dr Peg Abernathy is a Catholic living in Marina Del Rey California. She met up with family members who had passed on before. She saw things that did not line up with her staunch catholic upbringing. She also never heard of near death Experiences. At that time people did not talk about these things. […]

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Ken Barnes – Afterlife made him Hospice worker

Ken Barnes died twice in his life, once at age 9 and at age 46. He is now a hospice worker who helps cancer patients transition to the afterlife. This work is something that calls you. If you don’t have that calling, this can be very difficult work. To me, it is a real privilege […]

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Mufti Shamsuddoha

Indian Muslim: Mufti Shamsuddoha was an agnostic or maybe even an athiest. Though he was born in a Hindu country he was not a Hindu at the time of his NDE. Later on he became a Sifi which is a branch of the Islam faith.This may be why this is not a classic Hindu NDE […]

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