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Tricia Barker : Agnostic communicates with Angels

Agnostic:(10 min) Trish left her body during surgery and had an experience with Angels who explained to her many things. Very interesting if you want to know how angels minister to humans. 191 total views, no views today

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Charles McKaig – Mailman goes to Hell

Hellish: Charles McKaig was dying on the operating table. He saw the portals of hell and told the Doctor to save him as he did not want to go to Hell. The Doctor wisely led him through the sinners prayer accepting Jesus Christ right there in the middle of a heart attack. Guess what happened […]

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Seth Cowan – Meets up in Heaven with his deceased Dog, Blue

Non-religious: Seth Cowan is a music song writer who died at a young age of a heart attack. He used to write songs of sex drugs and Rock and Roll.When he died he went to Heaven and felt the presence of Jesus and strangely his Dog, Blue who had died 10 days before.Blue was his […]

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Susan Noeske – Suicide is cheating

Non-religiuos: Susan Noeske tells of the time she died and went to the other side. She met a man named Abe who was her guide. The knowledge she brought back proved very interesting, she was told that suicide as a means to avert Earthly experience is considered cheating. Not in a Hell way the Catholics […]

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NATHAN WHEELER -What Heaven was like 2014

CHRISTIAN:(Sorry Nathan, I know you say you are NOT a Christian.)(21min)Nathan Wheeler is a Los Angeles actor who has explored all the religions of the world by immersing himself in them and tried his best to avoid Christianity due to his rebellion against conventional Christians. He has a heart condition which at one time caused […]

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Nancy Rynes -Atheist goes to Heaven

Atheist:(13 min) Nancy Rynes was a successful science writer and a woman of the Earth. Firmly grounded in physical things and never giving the spirit world a thought. In fact she calls herself Atheist/Agnostic just before her fatal accident with a truck one day while riding her bicycle.She died for 17 minutes and went to […]

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Dean Braxton – Describes Afterlife in detail

Christian:(6 min) Dean Braxton died of cardiac arrest. He was a born again Christian and was not surprised to enter Heaven and see Jesus. He describes Jesus and Heaven in detail and how they communicate. He met with long departed family and those going back many generations. When I first arrived in heaven and knelt […]

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Dr Raymond Moodie – Discusses NDE’s and reincarnation (previous lives)

Discussion: (52 min)Dr Raymond Moodie is the formost authority on Near Death Experiences and out of that he has gathered information about previous lives that people have recalled during their life reviews. Dr Moodie has some amazing revelations. Seriously amazing information! You will be riveted to Dr Moodie’s lips for 52 minutes. 1,453 total views, 1 views […]

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Valerie Paters – Heaven is like Disneyland

Christian: When a massive pileup on an Arizona highway caused Valerie Paters and her Jeep to be entombed beneath a semi truck in a blinding snowstorm, it seemed certain that her life would soon end. Once extracted from the mangled metal, and suffering from massive injuries, Valerie was hospitalized and placed on life support while […]

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Kim Rivers – Tells of her pre-existance life, meets Jesus

Christian:(9 min) Kim Rivers had Cancer and prayed to God to end her life.Kim wrote a book “My Walk Thru Heaven” is an inspiring true story of a near death experience. It is a story of a single mother’s valiant fight against cancer. Losing the battle she finds herself taking an incredible journey through the […]

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