Steve Gardipee – Vietnam War soldier Dies on battlefield

Christian:Steve Gardipee was barely a Christian- doing a second tour of duty during the Vietnam war when he was shot up and died. Steve was shot down in a helicopter in the Vietnam war in 1970 on a rescue mission. This is his testimony of what happened after he passed away before we was rescued. […]

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Glen Brimer – No one dies-they just continue

Non Religious:(15min) Glen Brimer was killed by a military truck during military maneuvers 17 years before this video was made in 1988.He was 19 years old in the US Army when his arm and body was crushed and he died right there. He called upon God saying he needed help as he was dying. A […]

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Durga Yadav

HINDU: Durga Yadav went to the afterlife and met up with Yamraj the Lord of the dead.This is a typical Hindu NDE experience. Unlike other religions, the Hindu faith believes that all the dead are met and sorted by the Lord of the Dead named Yamma or YamRaj. 1,903 total views, no views today

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