Susan Noeske – Suicide is cheating

Non-religiuos: Susan Noeske tells of the time she died and went to the other side. She met a man named Abe who was her guide. The knowledge she brought back proved very interesting, she was told that suicide as a means to avert Earthly experience is considered cheating. Not in a Hell way the Catholics […]

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VIERA ZAHADY (Czech Republic suicide)

Scuicide: VIERA ZAHADY lives in the Czech Republic formally Checoslovakia.She took an overdose of pills to end her depression and ended up in a hellish place that haunts her till this day. 1,593 total views, no views today

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Matthew Dovel (Suicide goes to Hell)

SUICIDE/HELLISH: MATTHEW DOVISH drowned when he was 12 years old and went to Heaven but was rescued from drowning and was revived. The experience of Heaven haunted him and caused him to go into despair until he committed suicide. This time he went to Hell….. 1,581 total views, no views today

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