Tamara Laroux -Saved from Hell by a hand 的瀕臨死亡

Suicide/Hellish:(11 min) with Chinese subtitles 的瀕臨死亡 Tamara Laroux ended her life with a 38mm gun. She landed in hell but was saved by a hand that reached down and pulled her out.

I stepped into the shower while continuing my distressed plea. I knelt down on my knees and placed the gun to my head. Bringing my sobs under control, I took a deep breath and then calmly asked Jesus for forgiveness one last time. A still, small voice told me to remove the gun from my head and place it at my chest. I argued with this voice…the still small voice replied ever so gently and explained to me that it would be easier on my family to find me this way and that I wouldn’t miss because I knew the exact location of my heart…Cautiously, I placed the gun on the left side of my chest and pointed it straight for my heart. Gently placing my finger on the trigger, and before I pulled it myself, it ignited with a sudden discharge.Bang!

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