Tyrone Williams – Admits he deserved Hell

Hellish: Tyrone was in a car wreck on Hwy I-5 near Sacramento, CA. His car flipped 17 times and he was flung out of the car into a pond of water.
The guy (I believe was an Angel) had pointed toward the water. He wasn’t moving or budging. He only said, “He’s in there.” Aruba looked up at him and was going to ask him why didn’t you get him, but instead he hopped the barb wired fence to come to me. It was instinct. Everything that was within him pulled him to hop the four foot fence on the side of the freeway to help me. He said that right before he dove in, he looked to see where I would be, but the water was still, like nothing had ever went in, and instantly, he jumped in and came up. He went down and said the water was seven feet deep. Up underneath, he said he couldn’t see a thing, but when he made it to the bottom, he grabbed me. He pulled me up, and when he pulled me to the bank of the water, I had completely drowned. I wasn’t breathing, and I was bleeding to death. I had lost so much blood behind my hand coming off inside he truck. I had lost so much blood they had to do CPR on me. I coughed up water and mud and came back a little bit; like I was in the half waypoint. Something called me back, but I wasn’t fully back yet. I had two liters of water and mud in my lungs. My lungs were completely filled, and on top of that, I was bleeding to death.
He died and went to Hell. He describes the awful state of hell and admits he deserved to be there. He was saved by medical intervention. Watch Tyrone tell all about it.

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